One more week to Kickstarter campaign launch...

A visit to AW enterprises (manufacturer of Allur):

  1. Discussed the improvement of the elastic band to a higher quality band
  2. Got approval to document the process of making Allur wallets using photos and videos
  3. Received valuable information on a source for leather and vinyl

Jamie Hoffman @ Uncommon Goods (Skype call)

  1. Include photos that show how your product works, where it is made, and what are the materials that you are using.
  2. When running a campaign it is helpful to have an operations person (someone who is prepared and can help you handle tasks)
  3. Include real good photos + packaging

Chris Huizenga (Skype call #2)

  1. Do research on your target audience
  2. "It is not just enough to make the thing. Design the experience."
  3. Make sure you know your audience really well