First day back in school

After a huge crunch over the winter break to get the Kickstarter page to look presentable, I am proud to say that I am at a good point in the campaign. After a failed to manufacturer the first prototype, I have switched to AW Enterprises who have proven repeatedly to be trusted manufacturers. 

Feedback on Kickstarter page:

  1. Change name of product
  2. Move adhesive application video into story
  3. Introduce the product at the beginning of video and explain why you need to get rid of your regular wallet.
  4. Change cleaning whipe -> wipe
  5. Images of wallet on different phones

Feedback from Liz Kores

  1. Influences: try to reach out to those with many followers and promote your product
  2. Treat everyone with respect because you never know who you might need help from
  3. Tag different companies and prodcuts in your posts to promote your prodcut
  4. Take high qaulity images with item being used