Request Interview Draft (Post#1)

Request Interview EPD Draft 1_Marcin Wieczorek

Speedway Logistics owner: Steve Sledz

Interview brief: As a student for of the Entrepreneurial Product Design (EPD) I (Marcin Wieczorek) am conducting an interview with a friend or family member that has started a business. The following questions are used to get a better understating of the entrepreneurial world. The following information will be used in a blog, which captures the progress of my EPD Kickstarter campaign.


What does services does Speedway Logistics provide?


What made you choose this type of business?


Which business opportunity out of the following does your company try to achieve?

1.       Pioneer a truly innovative product?

2.       Devise a new business model?

3.       Create a better or cheaper version of an existing product or service?

4.       Targeting an existing product/service to a new set of customers.


What were some of the difficulties in the beginning of the business?


To what do you attribute your success?


If you could go back and change something in the past about the business what would you change?


If you had one piece of advice for a beginner entrepreneur, what would it be?